Dear friends, recently, the construction market environment of individual projects, a trend towards the development of easily  assembler frame and  prefabricated houses. This is due to a sufficient  speed and cheapness of their production.

In this article we will touch on major issues, frequently asked customer.

So :

1.    From what material is better and advisable to construct easily prefabricated houses.

 The material for the manufacture of prefabricated houses, or frame, by definition, consists mainly of wooden  elements:  the skeleton of the structure andcladding boards.

 Just make a note that to apply sheathing: boards of pressed chip-based waterproof adhesive (RSD), bulletin boards, and dried or freshly felledoards. Accordingly, the difference in the selection is based both on the quality and on the price.

Next, you need to address types of timber and  boards used  and  recommended by us. For the European market allowed all kinds, according to the rules of the fire, and antisepsis. For example, in the U. S. use of softwood for the construction of the supporting framework, it is forbidden, because of the gnarled and soft fibrous coniferous tree structure.

With regard to the degree of shrinkage of the material, here too, it seems quite obvious that the dried material is certainly  preferable  then freshly sawn. The difference in quality is just as important as the difference in price. For example, the price of lumber freshly sawn in the Czech Republic from 200 euros per cubic meter, and the price has already dried came from 450 euros per cubic meter, respectively.
We would like to note that the use of timber in the construction of this beam, the degree is not as driedsignificant as when using the board for wall cladding.This means, roughly speaking, we recommend that in order to save, use, for the construction of these typesof homes, raw lumber for structural frame and driedboard for wall cladding, especially inland.

However, it should be noted that the use of technology cladding  shown in Figure N1, we can use the boardand crude, as the  gradual shrinkage of the board, with this embodiment, overlap will not lead to the formation of cracks, crevices meaning unacceptable.

Using OSB for sheathing, if the emphasis is on environmentally friendly and economically, we do not recommend.  RS itself essentially can’t be compared in quality  or  environmental  performance, even with the usual board, big enough price increases by the fact that the very surface of the OSB to cover or plaster, or the same wooden board.

  мы можем использовать и сырую доску, так как постепенная усушка доски, при этом варианте внахлест, не приведет к образованию щелей, имеется ввиду щелей недопустиИспользование ОСБ для обшивки, в случае, если акцент ставится на экологичность и экономность, мы не рекомендуем. ОСБ сама по сути не может сравнится ни по качеству ни по экологическим показателям, даже с обычной доской, достаточно большая цена увеличивается еще и тем, что саму поверхность ОСБ необходимо покрывать или штукатуркой, или той же доской.

2. Isolation 

 If your task to build a house, which will combine the speed of manufacturing, and environmentally friendly, we recommend the maximum, extent possible, use natural materials for insulation between the inner and outer board.

Some companies use, such matherial as drywall. But, you see how you can call the perfect environment, the structure,which uses synthetic insulation, drywall and glass type,even where this can be avoided.


Thus, the so-called sandwich, according to our recommendations, should consist of:

a.     Outside board;
b.    waterproof tape;
c.    spontaneous, itself insulation hemp or linen,  briquettes, thick, according to the required climatic conditions;
d.    vapor and waterproofing foil with the effect of the membrane (fiber);
e.    internal board;

Thus, the only and necessary use of synthetic materials, it is waterproof foil. But today, technology,construction materials production, do not allow to replace such materials, free of synthetics and polymers. There is certainly old,  but not the worst, and not as banal as it may seems at the first glance, option. It used of a mixture of clay and straw to fill the space interwall. However, you as the customer  should decideon this, although we have with all the responsibility, we recommend this option. And we will explain in more details about it in future articles.

3. Foundation.

It's pretty simple. Piles. Houses of this type not only easily assembled, they themselves are easy. That means the cost of the foundation can be reduced to a minimum.

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